Charges, booking and timetables

Monday to Saturday:

Timetable wef 22nd October 2018  

Outside of these times the pool is mainly hired by other users but some times are still available for booking. For further information please contact:


Health Questionnaire must be completed before Induction or Assessment

Initial Induction by hydro therapist £20 including 1st mobility session after induction if taken within 1 month
if a client has attended an Induction and requests an
Assessment within one month of date of their Induction £30

Assessment by the physiotherapist £35 increasing to £40 from 1st April 2019 and including 1st mobility session if taken within 1 month
Reviews with a physiotherapist £30

For Clients with Carers the carer must attend the Induction or Assessments with the client, at no charge for the carer. They must also complete a Health Questionnaire

Mobility Sessions £6.50
There is no charge for Carers who are required to enter the water to assist provided the user has a C+1 National Entitlement Card

Mobility Sessions + Use of Health Suite  £7.50
(children must be accompanied by a responsible person over 16)

Groups for Hydrotherapy
£55  including a lifeguard
Physiotherapist by arrangement

Parent and Child: 8 sessions for £36

Adult Swimming Lessons: £8

These prices will be reviewed occasionally.


Booking for all sessions must be made in advance, please call 01309 672984

Timetable (click for printed timetable)

Effective from  22nd October 2018
Appointments MUST be booked in advance at Pool Reception or by calling 01309 672984
(A referral from a Doctor is NOT required)

09.15-10.00am, Adult and Child (under 5) water confidence
10.00-10.45am, Adult and Child (under 5) water confidence
11.00-11.45am, Mixed Mobility
12.00-12.45pm, Ladies Mobility
1.00-1.45pm, Mixed Mobility
3.30 or 6pm, ASSESSMENTS by arrangement
4.00-4.45pm, Available for group booking
5.00-6.45pm, Available for group booking

1.00-1.30pm, ASSESSMENTS by arrangement
1.30-2.00pm, INDUCTIONS by arrangement
3.00-3.45pm, Mixed Mobility
4.00-4.45pm, Mixed Mobility
5.00-5.45pm, Available for group booking
7.00-7.45pm, Adult swimming lessons
8.00-8.45pm, Adult swimming lessons

1.00-1.45pm, Mixed Mobility
2.00-2.45pm, Mixed Mobility
6.00-6.45pm, Mixed Mobility
7.00-7.45pm, Mixed Mobility

09.15-10.00am Adult and Child (under 5) water confidence
10.00-10.45am, Mixed Mobility
11.00-11.45am,   Mixed Mobility (new)
12.00-12.45pm, Mixed Mobility
3.00- 3.45pm, Parkholme
4.00- 4.30pm, ASSESSMENTS by arrangement
5.10 -5.45pm, INDUCTIONS by arrangement
7.00-7.45pm Available for group bookings

09.15-10.00am, Adult and Child (under 5) water confidence
10.00-10.45am, Mixed Mobility
11.00-11.45am, MixedMobility
12.00- 12.45pm, Adult and Child (under 5) water confidence
2.00-2.45pm Inspire Huntly (last Friday of each month)
3.00-3.45pm, Mixed Mobility
4.00-4.45pm, Mixed Mobility
5.00-7.45pm, Available for group bookings

09.00 -09.45, Mixed Mobility
10.00-10.45am, Mixed Mobility
11.00-11.45am, Parent and Child (under5) water confidence
12.00-12.45pm, Parent and Child (under5) water confidence