Using the Pool

The pool is now open with effect Monday 18th October 2021

Please see you new information regarding carersCLICK HERE

Who can use the pool?

You may use the pool as part of a group or as an individual.

Groups – A group, such as a stroke club, for example can take advantage of a block booking charge for a session.
Individuals – You may wish to use the pool as an individual and attend one of the weekly mobility sessions (see timetable at Fees and Times)

How to use the pool

Please contact Forres swimming pool reception initially on 01309 672984. The receptionist takes contact details for the person making the enquiry and records it in the Enquiry Book, passing all enquiries onto the Physiotherapist for her to speak with the person enquiring and deciding if they are suitable to book an Induction or an Assessment. The Physiotherapist will book an appointment and invite the potential client to attend at least 15 mins before their appointment to complete a Health Questionnaire. All clients using the Hydrotherapy Pool are required to complete a simple Health Questionnaire (please download and print off or ask for one at the pool reception).

For a full explanation of Induction and Assessments CLICK HERE

  • After your initial induction or assessment session all bookings must be made by ringing reception on 01309 672984.
  • Pay for your session at the swimming pool reception.
  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the pool area unless covered by overshoes. The blue overshoes area available from the white container on the wall before you enter the pool area.
  • To allow everyone access to the changing cubicles, belongings must be kept in the lockers provided.
  • If using the main swimming pool changing facilities, you need 50p (returnable) for the locker. When ready, walk past the swimming pool and through the connecting door into the Hydrotherapy Pool hall. You may wish to bring a robe with you as you walk through the swimming pool area. The robe can then be hung up in the hydrotherapy pool area.
  • If using the Hydrotherapy Pool changing facilities (limited ) you need £1 (returnable) for the locker.
  • Users in outdoor wheelchairs should transfer to the provided white pool wheelchairs before entering the pool area. These are available near the entrance to the pool hall.
  • Emergency Alarm Procedure – There are two emergency buttons in the pool hall. One on the wall at the shallow end of the pool and the other on the inner wall with windows close to where the lifeguard normally sits. There is also an emergency pull cord in the toilet.